Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.
— Clint Eastwood

Something's different.

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We're feeling beautiful.

We're feeling beautiful.

Upgraded paper

We upgraded our paper stock weight (inside and on the cover) + we switched away from glossy to 'matte' and added a soft-touch aqueous coating to our paper.


Upgraded Design

We went classy with design - (shout out thx to Jennifer at Laurel & May for her guidance) with more classic lines, more white space, more prominent imagery and wider margins.


Better content.



Better Content.

Human Stories

We have made a deliberate change in our editorial - shout out to Tai Anderson who suggested this - to provide more articles about Roswell's people - their backstories. 


Smarter Writing

We've committed to adding more depth in our articles. Shout out to Ryan Pernice of RO Hospitality for explaining he wanted 'smarter,' more 'interesting' articles that make him think.


FEWER ADS (as a %)

We reduced our ad to editorial ratio - more editorial with "fewer" ads.  Reading RM is now much more fluid.

While reducing the ratio was easier said than done, we believe we settled on a 'win-win' by committing to add more pages of editorial when blessed with more advertising clients.  


Easier to find.

Easier to Find Roswell Magazine

Direct Mail

We now mail print copies directly to subscribers, advertisers, a VIP list of community leaders and 1200 local business owners.


High-Volume Sites

We added high-volume distribution sites, which will be restocked each week, plus we continue to distribute at community events.


150+ Pick-up Locations

We launch each issue of RM by delivering 25+ copies to each of over 150 local businesses, restaurants, professional offices, spas & salons, retailers and government facilities.    Learn More Here.


Reaching more readers.

Reaching More Readers


We added more functionality to our digital editions - live links, video embeds, shop now buttons!



We revamped our website to repurpose all of our articles and sponsors online and are able to push that content out more easily through social media and email campaigns.



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