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issue #25 - Live Music

Display through July 10, 2019

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Issue #25 - publishes May 12, 2019

While putting this issue together we were surprised there was no collaborative music community in Roswell — like we have for history, the arts, food & drink, recreation/environment, nonprofit, etc… Because of that, our team is showcasing the local music scene with a 2019 Roswell Magazine Live Music’fest the last weekend in June (June 27 - 30)! Unlike what one would typically think of when hearing the words “music festival,” the Roswell Music’fest is not a single event in a central location. Rather, it’s deliberately planned as a community-wide celebration of live music in every corner of the city. We discovered that the opening of Gypsy Rose has changed the conversation and shined a light on an apparently already vibrant live music community. This ‘Live Music’ themed issue, as well as the RM Live Music’fest event at the end of June prove how impressed we were with the existing music scene here when we dug a little deeper.

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 Roswell Magazine’s 2019 Roswell Music’fest is next week! June 27-30. Check out the lineup or click here for lots more info.


Cover Story: 10U40 Awards

(photo by Tracy Hoexter Photography)

Learn about Our 2019 Winners

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Cover Story: 2019 Roswell Magazine 10U40 Winners

All photos provided courtesy of Tracy Hoexter |

Meet the winners of the 2019 Roswell Magazine 10U40 awards - view their bios and accomplishments, favorite quote, learn what motivates them to achieve and contribute locally.

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Public art initiatives, private art galleries, a performance arts center, internationally renowned fine arts, exhibits and shows, professional and starving artists - Roswell is a melting pot for Makers. The City has made the deliberate commitment to preserving her history. Boasting a 640 acre historic district, our community truly is the only community in North Atlanta so committed to remembering our roots.

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Leisure + recreation

Roswell is special - one of our stand-out selling points is our intentional commitment to our natural world. With over 900 acres of parks, the Chattahoochee River, hiking trails and biking initiatives, there is no better place to live for endless outdoor activities. We've won awards for our commitment to environmental conservation and were named the first bicycle friendly city in the state of Georgia. 

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Food & Drink

There is no logical reason to venture outside Roswell to dine - we have almost 200 restaurants within our 2 zip codes with every variety of cuisine one could crave. Our palates are pleased by the numerous chef-driven menus at restaurants on Canton Street and around the historic district, as well as the numerous locally-owned bakeries, cafes, wine bars, seafood, contemporary American and more... #eatlocal -

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