Leather: The Perfect Winter Cross Over

Theo Keyserling - Co-founder, TheOProtocol Style Columnist

Theo Keyserling - Co-founder, TheOProtocol
Style Columnist

By Theodora Keyserling

Theodora formed Meridian Group Partners in 2010, a national executive search firm, and she recently co-launched a professional blog, TheOProtocol, short for The Office Protocol, to aid the professional development of women through impression management and style.

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Theo Keyserling wearing a Shoshanna Window Pane Upton Dress and Vince Cross Front Leather Jacket

Theo Keyserling wearing a Shoshanna Window Pane Upton Dress and Vince Cross Front Leather Jacket

Leather: The Perfect Season Crossover

LIVING IN THE SOUTH, WE TYPICALLY HAVE a mild winter. We may have a few weeks of weather in the 30’s or below, but for the most part our highs range anywhere from the 40’s and 50’s. Because the winters are mild, and the big chains pay attention to national trends, I have turned my sights toward leather as well as the versatile vegan leather options to extend my wardrobe through the winter months.

Getting the most out of a staple piece like a leather jacket is really in the details. If you are a professional and need the jacket for work as well as play, less is more. Less attention to the zippers and pockets, limited if any studding at all and a color that will play off nudes, brown and black. Pictured is a tidy work look with the Vince Cross Front Leather Jacket ($597) and a Shoshanna Window Pane Upton dress. (photos above)

If you have the luxury of not adhering to a dress code, then you can add a little more detail and flare to a jacket but choose wisely to make the most out of your investment. Too many details can limit the versatility of the piece. Ann Taylor has a suitable faux leather jacket ($139) that has just enough personality to dress up some jeans or dress down a dress. I chose the olive green, so I could pair it with as many colors as possible.

Our favorite options for best all around are some of the affordable vegan leather pieces. Those that offer a draping effect are in style and seem to be in every store. I recently attended a cocktail event in town and dressed down my Christian Siriano jumpsuit in a vegan leather jacket (photos below) from CollectionB ($29). I found it at the local TJ Maxx and it was a win for the event and for my wallet.

Leather is the great southern wardrobe extender making dresses, jean, and t-shirts an option from fall to spring. It’s a worthy investment piece and with a plethora of affordable pleather options that are emerging, it’s an easy choice for the cost and cruelty conscience.