Roswell Teacher Moonlights in Band - Crooked Wits Live Wednesdays at Osteria Mattone


IT’S DIFFICULT TO LOVE SOMETHING with such a variety of types, but music manages to do just that. Music can be enjoyed by anybody, and with the vast amount of genres, there’s a certain kind of music for everybody. For some people, just listening to music isn’t enough, and they decide to create their own songs or perform cover songs they enjoy.

One such group, Crooked Wits, has made its home here in Roswell. Featuring Spencer Hardee, Maggie O’Connor and Stevie Jackson, Crooked Wits specializes in acoustic music and covers. The three met while attending Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.

After bonding over their love of music, they decided to create their band. During the summers between Spring and Fall semesters, they settled in Black Mountain, North Carolina. They played frequently at an old watering hole, The Pump. However, they now play in Roswell and throughout metro Atlanta at breweries, bars, and private events.

The thing that sets Crooked Wits apart from other cover bands is the range of music they play: Grateful Dead, Elton John, The Steel Drivers and the like. This is in addition to their own original music, making a truly unique sound and set list. Spencer Hardee was born and raised right here in Roswell. He plays mostly guitar, but also enjoys the mandolin and harmonica. Not only is he part of this talented trio,  he is also a physics teacher at Centennial High School, as well as its lacrosse coach. Hardee isn’t the only member of Crooked Wits to live nearby, as both Stevie Jackson (lead guitar and vocals) and Maggie O'Connor (violin and fiddle) now live here, too. Stevie is an economics teacher and football coach.

When Maggie steps out of the spotlight of CW, she enjoys hanging with her husband and their dog, Blue. Thier music is their passion. To enjoy their music, you can hear them live this summer at Osteria Mattone on Canton St. from 6:30 - 9:00pm every wednesday through August. #LB