Regina's Coffee Tour: Dave Schmit

I initially reached out to Dave Schmit as one of my ten hand-picked individuals I’d hoped to speak with in order to improve coverage in Roswell Magazine. His involvement in our community - which I learned from Google, not from him - indicated to me he was one who ‘walks the walk.’ Since it’s important to us our content connects with local readers in more than a ‘surface-level’ manner, I thought who better to learn from than those who are in the thick of Roswell life. There was no intention to write about him - and I hope he doesn’t mind that I am! 

Dave Schmit is Principal of Schmit & Associates, a Roswell-based real estate development and consulting firm focused on community revitalization primarily through residential master planned communities. Recent and current projects include Roswell Court at the corner of Forrest and Norcross Streets, Forrest Commons between Forrest and Myrtle Streets and Veranda at Groveway on Myrtle.

Dave spent over an hour with us at Crazy Love Coffee House. I asked him my first question, “What would you change first if you were Publisher of Roswell Magazine for a day?” Rather than give me a list of ‘to-do’ items, he simply started talking about his affection for this community. I found myself getting swept up in his ‘big picture’ vision for revitalizing Roswell through decisive leadership and deliberate action.

He spoke of fine-tuning the vision for the future of Roswell through ongoing dialogue with residents, historic and environmental preservation organizations, the cultural and arts communities, government officials and local business owners. Each has its own unique stake in the future of Roswell - none whose hopes is any less important then another’s.

He was quick to note; however, we can’t sit in dialogue - we have to make decisions and then take action. This type of leader-vision-talk inspires me, as a local Roswell business owner entrepreneur myself.

I found him modest, consistently crediting others for any successes he has enjoyed. He also spoke generously of others’ visions for Roswell with an enthusiasm for listening and getting to the heart of what really motivates all sides: the desire for Roswell to be the best it can be for future generations.

Things I learned from Google about Dave:

  • Board of Roswell Rotary 
  • Board of Roswell Downtown Development Authority 
  • Vice-Chairman of Habitat North Georgia
  • Served on the Strategic Economic Development Committee as Chairman of the Comprehensive Plan 2030 for the City for Roswell
  • Youth baseball coach for many years at East Cobb Baseball
  • 2011 Recipient of the City of Roswell’s Economic Development Award.
  • Assists Roswell High School Construction program through Rotary
  • One of his new projects - Roswell Court - is the first small lot, true mixed-use development in Roswell

Schmit has lived in Roswell for more than two decades. He and his wife are now empty nesters - after raising their children here - and the couple recently moved to Historic Downtown, which proves to me he believes Roswell is the best place to live and invest in for the future.