Publisher's Letter Sept/Oct 2018

Everything I ever wanted to know about the arts,


I learned while collaborating with my team on this issue.

Our cover story about Vinings Gallery had us on searching for art terms like giclée and plein air. I learned the difference between an original print and an original painting, as well as how labor intensive it is for a gallery to host an art exhibit.

We had no idea how many individual artists there were within our few square miles, each being enthusiastically represented in local galleries, expos, exhibits and festivals. In ‘storefront’ galleries alone, we counted more then 300 artists. We sourced all of this information from talking with local residents and gallery owners, as well as local artists themselves. Hundreds of local, regional and international artists’ works are right down the street. So exciting!

We publish local magazines in several nearby cities, and we’ve concluded that each city has its own ‘things’ - the three or four ‘things’ we recognize in our editorial department to be part of its unique community identity. It’s important we determine this for each market to ensure each issue’s content is weighted and represents the heart of its people. In Roswell, the arts are one of our big ‘things,’ and it seems to me to be more relevant today than ever.

No matter who we spoke to, it was clear in every corner of the city that the arts matter to us in Roswell: public art, performing arts, visual arts, art instruction for the youth, all of it! In this ARTS issue, we introduce you to local artists in various stages of success. We concluded the work itself is not the story - the individual artist is the story. It would seriously take 12 issues focused solely on the arts to tell them all.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

My new favorite feature originated from a very real curiosity of mine: the creativity and passion which drives local, small business owners to do what we do, day in and day out. In this issue, we asked a few of these inspiring souls how they each came up with the names of their businesses. Find their name stories on page 64.

Enough out of me - Happy Fall! #locallife