Publisher's Letter - March/April 2018

Publisher's Letter - March/April 2018

Something occurred to me while our team was collaborating on this issue. Our best editions of Roswell Magazine are the ones in which we let the theme evolve, rather than insist on a pre-determined subject-matter months in advance. 

Sometimes, if we set a theme ahead of time, it can fall short. We push to solicit advertisers around the topic and assign feature articles far in advance. However, like with this March/April issue, when we simply let the motif evolve, I think our final product is much more interesting for the reader.

Local business owners don’t advertise in RM because we are writing about their area or industry. They advertise with us because they want to reach out to our readers - local, engaged, active residents in Roswell - and show they are community supporters. The best thing we can do on our end is listen to the readers!

What started as a cover story about Planet Fitness opening their second gym in Roswell; and our interest in the unique spin the company takes in its brand philosophy, turned into a “health & fitness” issue. Stories of yoga in Riverside Park, Healthcare professionals prescribing “parks” to their patients, and the Roswell Cycling Festival fit perfectly. 

But then, a common sub-theme began to take shape, as we received submissions and sensed enthusiasm for working together to make Roswell “beautiful.”  The Azalea Festival’s focus is on showing off the City during the month of April when everything is blooming. Ryan Pernice was eager to tell us more about the Historic Roswell Beautification Project; and Keep Roswell Beautiful, whose focus is on preservation and conservation kept popping up when we were researching Roswell’s plans for Earth Day. We decided to add the word “beautiful” to “Healthy Fit.” So, as you see on the cover, this is the “Healthy, Fit and Beautiful issue.”

Throw in the Roswell Beer Festival, ALIVE in Roswell, St Patrick’s Day parties and the short-drive up to the Dahlonega Arts & Wine Festival -  and we realize we have one fabulous city. Plus, we have a heck of a lot of individuals who work hard behind the scenes to make sure it stays fabulous.

Not only do we strive to be healthy, fit and beautiful by taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits, but the City of Roswell does, too!  Healthy and fit with a strong economy, strong families and top schools - and beautiful inside and out. 


Warm Regards,

Regina Barkley