Authentic | Charming | Super Smart - Gypsy Rose Music

PHOTOS BY: Chris Smith,
Brittany Crooms - Founder, Owner and Jeris Hollander - Partner, Marketing Director

At Gypsy Rose, it’s all about the music. 

Gypsy Rose Music - 10-25-18-5910.jpg

I had heard the exciting news that a live music venue was slated to open in downtown Roswell by what seemed to me like a group of smart, young, community and music-loving friends with infectious enthusiasm and joie d’vie.  So, I was really looking forward to sitting down with Founder/Owner Brittany Crooms and her Director of Marketing Jeris Hollander to learn more. We met for coffee at Crazy Love Coffee House, just a few blocks down from the building previously occupied by Classy Clutter, where Gypsy Rose Music will be located.

My first impression - authentic, humble, charming and super smart.  Brittany has the quick and optimistic mind of an entrepreneur, and Jeris an intuitive understanding of how to communicate Brittany’s vision for Gypsy Rose to the wider community. 

Having moved to downtown Roswell in early 2018 as a single mom with two young children, Brittany often went out by herself to visit the local restaurants and shops along Canton Street. She experienced a strong sense of acceptance among gracious locals who love where they live, and she began striking up conversations with these people. It didn’t take long for Brittany to feel like she was part of the Roswell community, as much as the guy who has lived here all his life. 

As a passionate music lover, Brittany thought it would be great to have a place to hang out and listen to live, original music in Roswell. Her thoughts developed into ideas and the more she talked to people around town, she learned many others wanted the same thing. It wasn’t long before her vision of the Gypsy Rose Music venue became clear, merging her love for music and her love for her new home - the community of Roswell.

Just eight months later, the team behind Roswell’s first live original music venue seems to have everything in place for a January 2019 grand opening, which has many in town scratching our heads thinking, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Sometimes it ‘simply’ takes an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a passion for making something happen to, well, make something happen. It helps the leading lady is likable.  


Having previously owned and operated an interior design business as well as an art gallery in Decatur, Brittany had the experience and business sense to know that she doesn’t know everything. She has serendipitously connected with influential members of the local community who have the knowledge and experience to help her make her vision a reality. These advisors and investors have been instrumental in driving momentum for her project organically.  She has remained clear about the vision to offer live, original music for music enthusiasts, a superior sound system and acoustics, and a lively, creative, community-centered vibe. 

Her best friend and college roommate Jeris Hollander was Brittany’s obvious choice for Director of Marketing and has become a partner in the Gypsy Rose endeavor. A Roswell resident, experienced in marketing and educated in neuropsychology, Jeris possesses an intuitive understanding of Brittany’s vision with Gypsy Rose and is ‘all-in.’ To watch them together, talking about the new venue one can sense they are on the same page heading in the same direction. 

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The management and staff are being carefully screened to select for the service professionals who are naturally outstanding in offering “Roswell hospitality,” the type of hospitality that Brittany experienced from the community when she first moved here as a single mom almost one year ago.

Gypsy Rose will offer curated, original, live music from a variety of genres, ensuring a diverse selection of independent talent six nights a week.  Expect to find an impressive line-up of gifted musicians from day one and to be introduced to new levels of appreciation for the art of making music, because according to Brittany and her team, it truly is all about the music. 

The rest of it - the collaboration with city officials and the local artists community, the eclectic menus from their own food truck, the fully-stocked bar with local, craft beer selections, the perfect 2,800 square foot building located within walking distance to Canton Street, the community wide contest to choose a muralist…  all of this is just gravy (Thanksgiving pun intended). 

Brittany’s original vision remains primary, however, and that is to bring the community closer together through music.

Gypsy Rose is currently in build out and located at 964 Alpharetta Street backing up to the popular East Alley. Plans are pushing for an opening in late January. We can follow the progress on Facebook and Instagram and check online for announcements at #R