Good Gracious, This Place Is Plenty Good

Article and photos by Frank Mack


I WOULD BE AROUND JASMINE WILLIS PURELY for the energy. While in her beautiful little spot, Gracious Plenty Bakery and Breakfast on Canton Street, she’s in her element, confident, with an eye on every detail. She’s a dyed-in-the-wool restaurateur with stunning blonde hair and a wicked smile doing what real restaurant people do... making sure everyone is cared for. Life is good at her little restaurant.


Gracious Plenty is a Canton Street newcomer that hit a sweet spot. Serving a southern inspired style of home cooking that puts down a breakfast unlike any other. This is a total chef driven, drop-in and go experience. For about ten bucks you will eat total goodness. It's such a simple menu, but it gets me every time. I’m still plowing through everything but so far each bite is wow, just wow.

The biscuits are baked fresh all day. They are better than your “Nanna” ever thought of and you can’t miss them because they make them next to the order station. I love that move! A baker, a real live person, with flour on their nose standing right there, making biscuits. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

These guys always start simple.


The eggs scrambled are perfect, like a mini omelette, with a dusting of scallions. It's just crazy the attention to detail here. Add some bacon done perfectly, sizzling, all smoky delicious, a biscuit dripping with alternating spoons of a jam and honey with each bite better than the last. It’s slap your momma good.

Their menu is constantly rotating but count on the basics like eggs, biscuits and Stumptown coffee or La Marzocco espresso. Everything else rotates on seasonal availability and they are as local as can be. From the grits to the kale, the menu is simple and pure.

The service is perfect. They line you up for an order then cover you in coffee. Within a few minutes breakfast finds you. That energy of Jasmine’s is in the whole team and it's wonderful.


Take for example the Hash brown bowl, with two eggs and chicken sausage. Simple right? But you have to see the crisp, taste the velvety, enjoy the sharp bite of the perfect sausage, farm raised and all local. It’s all in the ingredients folks, they matter. And to bring this in at $10, get outta here!

Or just a simple biscuit and honey. Just out of the oven they are to die for. The layers of dough are perfectly browned and the honey is a local clover. It’s so rich and sweet your tongue goes, “Mmmmmm.”  Ohh, Speaking of layers of dough the other items in the bakery such as muffins and biscones are stand on their own good.

Gracious Plenty has a coffee house vibe with sophisticated fresh food soul that’ll wrap you in a hug. I love it and you need to go find it. It's a half block south of Woodstock Road at 1164 Canton Street across from Adele's and Jere Woods’ office, right next to the new Vickers building. With its own parking lot in the back you can actually get into the place.

The best things in Roswell are small. You’ll pass them right by if you aren’t careful. Check back. I’ll keep an eye out for ya.

Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast 

1164 Canton St, Roswell, GA 30075 (678) 878-3105