Chris Rothermel - Sculptor


CHRIS ROTHERMEL earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and his master’s from the University of Oregon, both in sculpture, in addition to an apprentice’s certificate in metal casting and stone.

He spent six years in Hong Kong, China, as assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University from 2005 to 2011, where he also became a founding member of their Academy of Visual Arts. It was there, in China, during an industry field outing that a large, oval-shaped slab of raw material-- blue pearl granite-- caught his eye. After discovery, Rothermel brought it back to the United States where he manipulated it to a quarter of the original size, into the shape of a torus, “pulling and pushing [its] surfaces and planes,” and of course, polishing it.

The finished work, sponsored by Miller Lowry Development, is now on display outside at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center for this year’s Art Around Roswell Sculpture Tour. Fittingly, he has decided to title it, “Granite Ring,” with a purchase price of $18,000.