Barrington Hall's 3rd Annual Viking Encampment Weekend Oct. 7-8


Barrington Hall will host its third annual Viking Encampment Weekend, October 7–8. The encampment is free and open to the public from 10AM until 5PM each day. On October 7 & 8, the Viking living history interpretive group, the Sons of Loki, will demonstrate Viking ritual combat, Viking government recognition of the new leader and swearing oaths. Learn crafts, how Vikings settled disputes, play period games and participate in a foot race! This event is family-friendly and kids may find lots of fun in our Viking Kids Zone.

Vikings will be demonstrating Viking weapons and fighting techniques, clothing and crafts. Enjoy a Viking pagan wedding ceremony. Attend and participate in several demonstrations and lectures about Viking culture in the barn activity room of Barrington Hall.

535 Barrington Drive, Roswell GA 30075

For more information, call Bill Browning at 770-640-3855 or email