Don't Watch Your Weight


By Ann-Marie Giglio, CoreMatters It’s that time of year again when we are bombarded by messages from the $60 BILLION diet industry about how to lose weight.

This weight-loss industry thrives because none of their products works for more than a few weeks.  The entire industry is a wash, rinse, repeat--endlessly--profit center.

The biggest problem is that weight is the wrong thing to change and the wrong thing to want to lose! Instead, we should be changing Body Composition.  Body Composition is the sum of 2 things: the amount of Body Fat you carry plus the amount of Lean Body Mass (muscle, tissue, bones, skin, everything else).

To best explain the distinction, let’s look at two people, both 5 foot 10 inches tall, both weighing 200 lbs.

Now imagine what they each look like with this Body Composition: Person 1:  22% Body Fat + 78% LBM (44lbs fat + 156lbs LBM) Person 2:  44% Body Fat + 56% LBM (88lbs fat + 112lbs LBM)

Not only do they look different, but also, their endocrine systems will be very different.  Person 2 will be at much higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, cancer, depression, asthma, migraines, gout, degenerative joint disease--and just won’t feel good. Person 2 will suffer with low energy, headaches, other aches and pains, bad knees or back or both, and poor sleep quality.

What if by using the correct eating and exercise program, Person 2 changed his/her body composition to 34% Body Fat + 66% lean mass (down to 68lbs fat + 132lbs LBM) but still weighed 200 lbs?

The result would be improved health, increased strength and endurance, and a longer life expectancy—and a drop of at least 2 clothing sizes!  Person 2 could keep on the program until the correct composition is reached—and that doesn’t come from an insurance table compiled in the 1950s, like the weight/age numbers everyone thinks of as targets.  The goal is an individual ratio, determined by your own body.

What can you do this Diet Season?  Stop watching your weight! Worry about how much body fat you’re carrying instead. And give us a call at CoreMatters (404) 435-6367.  Changing Body Composition is what we do!