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An intuitively curated, local lifestyle publication independently produced by a team of local writers, photographers, designers and marketers sharing tales about life in this vibrant riverside community north of Atlanta.

Content Marketing

Sometimes clients are looking for something a little more unconventional to mix into a traditional advertising campaign with us.

Content Marketing is the anti-advertorial. Typically we only think of content marketing as an online marketing option. However, Roswell Magazine offers this great marketing option for your business in print. The ironic thing our clients have told us they’re amazed at how many “shares” and “comments” and “likes” and “engagement” they received when they posted their published editorial on their social media accounts and websites - more than they have ever gotten by sharing a link or an online article written about them.

In print, content marketing involves interesting and compelling editorial accompanied by big, beautiful images, which make great sales and sharing collateral for your business. Our annual advertisers receive a framed copy of their article.

Our rates for this type of marketing is $500 per page. (minimum 2 pages, maximum 6 pages) And this option is only available as part of a 3X (or more) ad campaign. One issue will be the featured content, the other 2 issues include follow up advertisements. Additional fees would include +$75 to hire a writer specialized in this type of editorial writing and + $125 if you do not have professional quality, high resolution images to include.. Below you will find examples of content marketing editorial features.

Samples of Content Marketing

View 2 samples below and please click here to view many more examples.

Vinings Gallery - Sept / Oct 2018

Cover Story ++ 6 page feature about Vinings Gallery upcoming Exhibits and Shows.


PURE Taqueria - Nov / Dec 2018

4 page feature about how PURE is now making their own tortillas in house.

RM Holiday Issue37.png
RM Holiday Issue38.png
RM Holiday Issue39.png
RM Holiday Issue40.png

Click here for more examples and ideas of content marketing.

 Special Sections

crabapple section template.png

Geographical - $150

6 to a page, $150 per spot, format based on # of participants

sample spread.jpg

must try dishes - $195 - $495

$195 - Quarter page (100 words)
$295 - Half page (175 words)
$495 Full page (400 words)

Reader Specials Page Template.jpg

Reader Specials - $150

Does your business have an exclusive offer only for our readers? Place a template 'coupon' ad for just $150.

Readers and local businesses have been asking us to include a "coupon" section - but we just didn't see ourselves as a coupony-type publication. Well - we came up with a 'win-win.' - $150

6 per page; placed in the last ten pages of an issue

Templated - uniformity in page design - one font, only one extra color allowed

Local Business Profile Templates2.png

Local Business Profile - $295 - $495

Half page (175 words) $295
Full page (400 words) $495
Formats: Q&A, Columnist, Story



Video Products


Tran Bui

Our Production Manager, Tran Bui, is Emmy award-winning host and producer with 20+ years of experience in TV news, video production & marketing. She's also the founder of a family volunteer group called Little Helpers with 20 chapters across the country including Atlanta. Tran and her family moved to Roswell 4 years ago and she's thrilled to call our city home. Since her arrival, she has received a Hometown Heroes award from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Inspiration Award from Best Self Atlanta Magazine, Hometown Media Award from the Alliance for Community Media, a gold Audio Visual Award and the MLK Humanitarian Award from Crabapple Middle School.


Small Business Q&A - Profile
example: 3 minutes, 42 seconds

Tran interviews the owner of Pinkie’s Up Beer & Wine (on behalf of Roswell Snobs social media group).

Small Business Informative - Profile
example: 2 minutes, 9 seconds

In this example, Tran isn’t highlighting one particular business, but the format is an example of an “informative” profile option. (Video produced on behalf of Roswell Snobs social media group) is still the same.

Small Business Extended Teaser
example: 1 minute, 11 seconds

With teaser videos, a business can build anticipation for a longer video or a special event or a contest. Short and Sweet and ideal for social sharing.

Small Business Teaser
example: 21 seconds

Teasers are great for social sharing and build anticipation in your audience by promising them to come back to your page to a future announcement.

Small Business w/out Narration - Profile
example: 1 minute, 51 seconds

video courtesy of: Ashlyn Alford
On March 21, 2019, over 150 guests celebrated the top 10U40 winners with an awards reception - this example is a non-scripted video set to music with photo/video clips. video courtesy of: Ashlyn Alford

Small Business Owner - Profile
example: 1 minute, 46 seconds

This owner profile incorporates photos with narration and Q&A to create a socially shareable story about the business or business owner.

Small Business Extended Q&A
example: 5 minutes, 52 seconds

Roswell Music'fest 2019 was a big success -- it's inaugural year incorporated over 100 Georgia-based musicians.