Writers’ Guidelines

FREELANCERS - Assigned Content

Word Count
We are very strict with our word count limits. Any article submitted that exceeds our assigned (freelancers) word limits will be sent back to the writer for editing. Pay scale: <450 words $50; 451-650 words $75; 651+ words (rare) $100. Writers are paid upon publication or sooner, by Venmo. We only pay by Venmo so you’ll need to sign up for a free Venmo account in order to get paid.


  • word, pages (mac), or simply put the article in the body of an email - no pdfs

  • basic font, no indentions, no layout suggestions, no embedded photos

  • pre-edit your work for grammar, person, voice, typos, spelling and accuracy - or we will kick it back.

  • our Editor can and usually will edit your work and will not send back to you for ‘approval’ of the changes — if this is not ok with you, then please do not submit your work to us.  

PR PROFESSIONALS - And any Unassigned Content

  • no payment to writers for unassigned content.

  • do not pitch story ‘ideas’ to us. If it’s a good enough idea, then write it and submit it. 

  • never submit an unassigned article or press release to us that is over 500 words.

  • do not call us - email all articles to hello@locallifepublishing.com. We review every submission and will email you back only if we have questions. Please do not follow up to see if it was ok or to confirm we received it because we get many unsolicited submissions every month and can not confirm every one.

  • TIPS: If you include professional, beautiful photos you have a much higher probability of success, and if your press release is interesting (rather than simply who, what, where, when, how) you have a much higher probability of success with us. Show us the ‘WHY’ in your piece, and you’ll grab our attention.

Please note: Subject Matter

  • Local - we actually have to mention this one. Our definition of local is that the subject matter takes place in, lives in, works in or happens in the town of the title of the magazine. 

  • Non-promotional - do not send us a story primarily focused  a ribbon cutting, grand opening, good deed or how great a local business, organization or event is. If you can work a little praise/promotion subtly into a more diverse and interesting piece, no problem. However, our readers don’t like puff pieces. Promotional content is reserved for advertising, where it belongs - and where readers expect it to be.

Submit articles to hello@locallifepublishing.com.