Vinings Gallery - Fine Art

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THE FIRST THING VISITORS NOTICE when walking into Vinings Gallery in Historic Roswell is their shoulders relaxing and their breathing deepening - there’s just something about the open, natural light-filled space, coupled with being surrounded by hundreds of exquisite paintings and sculpture, that is restorative. There is an infectious sense that the owner and his staff have great respect and appreciation for the pieces on display; no crowding aisles, sensory overload or high-pressure sales efforts. Guests are graciously offered a glass of wine or other beverage and left to explore and see which pieces of art draw them in most.

Opportunities in Roswell

After 15 years building a highly successful gallery in the Smyrna/Vinings area, Vinings Gallery owner Gary Handler realized there was a terrific opportunity in Historic Roswell, which he observed was full of boutiques, quaint locally-owned restaurants, and an abundance of charm. Handler intuited something special about this town, which was so appealing to him he decided in 2012 to open Vinings Gallery in Historic Roswell, at 10 Elizabeth Way. In the years since, the exponential growth and attraction of fine artists, art collectors and additional galleries to the area has proven Handler’s intuition was right.


Bolstered by the tremendous success enjoyed on Elizabeth Way and incredible support from the Roswell community, when the opportunity to open another location on Canton Street presented itself serendipitously, Handler acted. His enthusiasm to establish this new space with its own particular style was a chance to expand into a wider range of mediums and artists - and because he built Vinings Gallery on Canton on the same foundation of fostering relationships with and between collectors and artists, this new space has quickly become successful in its own right.

A Distinctive Approach

Handler’s approach is distinct from most galleries in that the foundation on which Vinings Gallery is built is relationship-based. “Relationships with all of the artists we represent; relationships with our collectors; and then going one step further by facilitating relationships between the collectors and the artists - in person, one-on-one,” Handler explains. “This third piece of the Gallery’s mission truly presents collectors unique opportunities to develop deeper connections with the artwork they bring into their homes.”

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Handler ensures his galleries communicate clearly that both the experienced collector, as well as one new to art, may feel welcomed and come together to share experiences as they acquire fine art, sculpture and mixed media works to add to their collections - or to begin a new collection.

Best of Both Worlds

With two separate, impressive and distinct gallery spaces situated in the heart of Historic Roswell only a block apart, Vinings Gallery - along with its exceptional staff - is now eagerly calling Roswell “home.” Handler explains that they still have the original space in Vinings where his business partner Denard Stalling oversees the busy framing arm of the business.

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“From a logistical standpoint, the gallery on Canton Street - and its proximity to the Elizabeth Way location - makes it easy to navigate for our growing team. With only steps between the two, our collectors often frequent both galleries, and since each carries different work, it gives us the chance to speak to styles and price points at different levels,” Handler adds. Vinings Gallery works side-by-side with collectors so that they may sooner “realize their dreams of surrounding themselves with cherished artwork.”

Upcoming Exhibits & Events

The two gallery locations host a series of monthly artist shows year-round, showcasing everything from limited edition and original, one-of-a-kind works to sketches, sculpture and fine art glass. Handler describes the “magic” that happens at these events saying, “Many of our artists will paint live for their shows. It is an amazing thing to witness in person as a sketch becomes a glorious completed painting, often presented ‘performance’ style with music to inspire the artists, or simply enjoyed within a smaller circle of invited guests.”

Maya Eventov, whose unique style is colorful, with highly textured, multi-dimensional paintings will be showcased at Canton Street this month, Friday through Sunday, September 28-30. Eventov’s work includes figurative paintings, rural and Mediterranean-themed landscapes as well as more abstract compositions.

The weekend of November 2-4, Michael Flohr displays his mastery of color, perspective, technique and vision when he returns to Elizabeth Way with new pieces created exclusively for Vinings Gallery. Largely urban in content, with a European flair, his paintings cover subject matter ranging from nightlife scenes, cityscapes, still life and figurative portraiture.

And to close out a year full of spectacular events, hometown favorite Thomas Arvid will make his annual holiday appearance on December 1-2. Artwork proudly bearing the Arvid signature communicates seemingly impossible detail, depth and light, enough to stop casual observers in their tracks. 

While it’s no surprise to those familiar with the Vinings Gallery ‘brand,’ it’s not at all uncommon for a new visitor to exclaim, “I have been in galleries all over the world, and this is the first one I’ve ever walked into and loved everything I see!”