Thomas Nash - portrait artist

THOMAS V. NASH is a supremely talented portrait artist who utilizes oil paints to capture the true essence of his subjects within an elegant, time-frozen frame; often these are men, women, children or entire families, not to mention those who have passed away.

Nash is skilled enough to visually bring the deceased ‘back to life’ in his posthumous portraits, collaborating with families and reference materials to portray the subject as accurately as possible, without being posed in front of him. Nash has completed much of his fine work in his Roswell art studio, although many times he paints out “in the field,” wherever his live subjects desire to be placed. Nash’s paintings have been lauded for their color-enhanced, true-to-life nature. Under poor lighting conditions, he managed to paint a gorgeously-lit portrait of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on a balcony in front of the Washington Monument, one which hangs in the U.S. Capitol to this day. 

Nash has also artfully captured the likes of former Georgia Governor and Senator Zell Miller, former Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., former Mayor Maynard Jackson (which hangs in the  Jackson International Terminal  at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport), as well as Leonard Bernstein and Tony Randall for the Players Club of New York, among many other prominent figures of our day.