The Great Physician - With Jesus, Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

The Great Physician

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With Jesus, ordinary things become extraordinary.

Dr. Rev. Joe McKechnie is an Associate Pastor at Roswell United Methodist Church (, where he leads the Chapel Roswell modern service ( Prior to entering ministry, Joe was a television sportscaster.

THE SIX-YEAR-OLD-GIRL IN suburban Atlanta was in great pain. After all, she fell on a potted cactus (or is it a cacti - I forget,) and more than 600 of those prickly spines were stuck in her arm. Her parents rushed her to the hospital. Usually, when someone has something like that stuck in his or her arm, the doctors or nurses use tweezers to pull out each individual cactus needle. But with so many stuck in the little girl's arm, doctors knew that such a procedure would be painful and time consuming.

The doctor decided to try something that seemed a bit strange. He asked one of the nurses to bring him a bottle of Elmer's glue. He then coated the girl's arm with the sticky stuff. He had the girl sit-under a heat lamp as the glue dried. Forty-five minutes later, the glue had dried into a gray-colored coating. "As we peeled it, we could see the spines in the glue" said Dr. Mark Stagelman. The doctor had access to the most advanced medical equipment, and yet he got the job done with an ordinary bottle of glue.

Jesus, the Great Physician, used ordinary bread and wine for something sacred. He used seeds and plants and sheep and fishing to describe Christian living. With Jesus, ordinary things become extraordinary. You and I are no exception. With God, we can do amazing things! It has been said that “God is not looking for ability, but your availability.” Are you available to be an instrument of God? In what ways does God want to use you for His mighty purpose?