411 on the new Text-to-911

THE CITY OF ROSWELL IS PLEASED TO announce that people can now send text messages directly to our 911 center during an emergency situation. Text-to-911 is an alternative to calling in an emergency when it would be unsafe for an individual to speak.

I’m so excited about this new initiative! It truly is more efficient for me to text than to call. In an emergency situation, when my adrenaline might be pumping, it wouldn’t be as natural for me to navigate to my phone app, away from the list of “recent calls” and press to open the number key pad screen.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a millennial trapped in a 47 year old body? The truth is I simply don’t make many phone calls anymore.

Melissa Alterio, Director of the City of Roswell 911 Center, said “If a caller is in a dangerous situation where they are unable to speak, such as an intruder in the home or a domestic violence situation, then this

Text to 911 option could be an emergency lifeline.” Alterio advises, “Speaking to a 911 dispatcher is still the fastest way to receive help to the location so remember to call if you can, text if you can’t.”

The City of Roswell Police 911 Emergency Communications Division has collaborated with AT&T and West to implement Text-to-911 on Roswell’s Next Generation 911 (NG911) call handling system. In an emergency, dialing 911 may not always be feasible. People with a hearing loss or those who must remain quiet in a dangerous situation may not be able to safely make a phone call. Now they can simply text a message which will be received by our communications center.

If there is an emergency and you cannot call 911, take these steps:

1. Enter 911 in the “to” field.

2. Text your address and the nature of the emergency.