Terry Burrell - Broadway Performer

TERRY BURRELL was destined to be a performer. She was born in Trinidad but grew up in New York City where she became a Broadway star, performing in Eubie, Into the Woods, Swinging on a Star, Thoroughly Modern Millie and more. 

She grew up in a very musical household. From the age of five, she remembers singing with her sister on the front stoop, singing silly songs in front of her parents, who also sang.

Terry has lived in Roswell for nearly two decades, just down the street from the Georgia Ensemble Theatre at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, where she will perform her one-woman show, Backstage and Other Stories, on October 13th. 

“When people come to the theatre, things are perfect 99 percent of the time, but there's that one percent when something [goes] wrong. Things fall, things break. I'm gonna talk about those less-than-perfect moments.” She will also pay tribute to the characters she’s played, such as Ethel Waters and Billie Holiday. “They're human stories, too. People along the way who have helped me. I always honor my parents with a song. Without their support and their sacrifices, none of this could have ever happened.”