Saving Mr. Bogart


ONCE IN A WHILE WE ARE BLESSED to meet individuals who are truly dedicated to their mission in life. When I had an emergency with a stray cat I’d become very attached to, Dr Kim of East Roswell Vet Hospital and Kristi Grieco of All About Cats went above and beyond the call of duty. Here is the story of Bogart. While my husband Dalton is a confirmed “dog person,” I have always loved cats.  

Having recently lost both our beloved border collie Bear and tabby cat Sassy, we were missing a four-legged presence in our family.  Then one day, into our lives walked Bogart: the coolest cat with beautiful black hair and Sprite-bottle green eyes. He had a routine with us: he would pop up, eat a little food, hang out for a while, and then disappear again.  Then one day, he popped back up, but something was terribly wrong.  His front left leg was absolutely in tatters.  Given the situation, not knowing whose pet he was (he was obviously not feral), we were momentarily at a loss for what to do, but knew we had to do something.

As God would have it, that same morning I had received an email from Kristy Grieco with All About Cats, a rescue and adoption organization based in Roswell.  Instinctively, I picked up the phone and called her.  Kristi didn’t hesitate, she said that if we could get Bogart into a pet carrier, to take him immediately to Dr Kim van Beuren at East Roswell Vet Hospital.  There is no doubt we did the right thing. Dr Kim is a most special veterinarian, the perfect combination of a highly skilled doctor, with a true love for animals that is so evident.  She has surrounded herself with a fantastic staff that shares her passion.  (Please take a moment to read about them at  

She put all of her expertise and compassion to work on Bogart. Bogart’s injury was so severe, there was every chance his leg could not be saved.  After weeks of intensive care, and the use of cutting-edge technology, Dr Kim performed what I consider a miracle: she saved Bogart’s leg. Having confirmed an owner could not be located, we agreed to adopt Bogart permanently.  Today, he runs around like nothing ever happened, the happiest cat in the world (properly microchipped of course!).   We are one happy family, and owe many heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kim and Kristi. #LP