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The Meaning of CHURCH

Roswell Community Church Builds a New Church - Most of the Work Completed by Members


Over a period of five months, members of Roswell Community Church (RCC) mobilized to build a permanent church in northeast Roswell. Since its establishment in 2006, RCC has always offered a fresh take on traditional worship. In the same spirit of innovation, the new home of RCC was demoed and reconstructed, largely by the churchgoers, to reduce the final cost. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and made significant contributions throughout the process, from fundraising to fruition.

At a fundamental level, the 250 members of RCC share an undeniable love for Roswell and a dedicated enthusiasm to their church community. Jaclyn McKinley has called Roswell her home since 1997, despite spending some time away at college.


Jaclyn has been a member of Roswell Church for a year and a half. She and her family were among the many volunteers who helped in the construction. Her husband tore up old carpets during demolition and together they painted some of the new offices. Jaclyn also helped prepare the children’s classrooms by installing whiteboards and organizing learning materials.


“My family knew right away that we wanted to be a part of the demolition and painting process because it is so fun to see a place transform from bones to a beautiful building,” Jaclyn said. “We love our church so much, so we wanted to serve and help as much as we were able to.”

Jaclyn feels blessed to have been a part of the process. And she made a point to acknowledge the sheer amount of thoughtfulness put into the building’s layout.

“You can tell that each detail was done with a purpose to make things run as best as they can,” Jaclyn said.


The new church is centrally-located, accessible to most of Roswell and Alpharetta. The idea was to make as many people in the community feel welcome as possible, which is much easier to accomplish from a permanent home. With the helping hands of its members, the new-and-improved church includes a 400-seat worship space, spacious lobby and gathering place, meeting rooms, a children’s Sunday school wing and a rock-climbing wall.


Prior to construction, RCC worshipped at Hembree Springs Elementary School outside hours. Now, the church has plenty of room to gather, meet, plan, train and teach their members – both young and old. Roswell Community Church held their first service in the new space on November 11, 2018, with many more to come. Located in the Mansell Commons shopping center, this new building is in close proximity to many local businesses.

“I hope we can get to know some of the people that work around there and have an opportunity to build relationships with them,” Jaclyn said. “I think that the new space will provide a lot of opportunities to host the community in a way that we may not have been able to when we were still using the school.”