Keep Roswell Beautiful


By Claire Murphy

A GROUP OF ENVIRONMENTALLY - MINDED individual volunteers are active and very involved with Keep Roswell Beautiful, a Roswell non-profit organization which uses a variety of methods to ensure the conservation, preservation and clean-up of our local environment. 

In partnership with the City of Roswell Environmental / Public Works Department, KRB implements green programs, such as Adopt-A-Road, Adopt-A-Stream, Storm Drain Marking, the Great American Cleanup, Bring One for the Chipper, and Rivers Alive. Other initiatives spearheaded by these local volunteers include DIY Rain Barrel Workshops, Bulky Trash Amnesty Day, Toxic and Hazardous Waste Disposal and the Big Creek Wetlands Work Day.  

At RM, we love naming names! KRB’s 2017-18 Board of Directors include: Craig Voth, Cindy Bowling, David Wright, Cheryl Henleben, Kim Weber, Stefanie Dye, Jeff Easte, Brent Hetzler, Ron Jackson, JB Queen, Patrick Smith and Becky Wynn

In late February KRB executed the Roswell Green Expo to drive the community’s focus to businesses and organizations with serious commitments to green initiatives. An annual event, vendors presented products and services in line with Keep Roswell Beautiful’s mission, as well as held informational and educational workshops and programs for attendees.