The Music Lives at Gypsy Rose


UNTIL RECENTLY, MUSIC LOVERS in Roswell had been pressed for a dedicated, true-blue music venue in town. In January of this year, Brittany Mullins, with the help of her marketing director Jeris Hollander opened Gypsy Rose to fulfill the collective demand for a space “where music lives.” They believe live music has the unique ability to bring people together under one roof, regardless of culture, class or political differences as communal experiences.

Gypsy Rose was founded on friendships, courage, experienced business mindsets, and all around good vibes. Referring to themselves as the “Rose Crew,” the team received an outpouring of support from the Roswell community, and their vision came to life in Historic Roswell.

We contacted Brittany first when we had the idea for a community-wide music event - 2019 Roswell Magazine Live Music’fest was scheduled soon after she confirmed GR was on board. Unlike what one would typically think of when hearing the words “music festival,” the Roswell Music’fest is not a single event in a central location. Rather, it’s deliberately planned as a community-wide celebration of live music in every corner of the city. We discovered that the opening of Gypsy Rose has changed the conversation and shined a light on an apparently already vibrant live music community. This ‘Live Music’ themed issue, as well as the RM Live Music’fest event at the end of June prove how impressed we were with the existing music scene here when we dug a little deeper.

A little over a year ago, Brittany moved to Roswell as a single mom looking to plant roots in a friendly, supportive community. Little did she know how quickly the city would share and embrace her vision for Gypsy Rose. Brittany discovered a vibrant, creative and active community of entrepreneurs in Roswell, who embraced the GR concept, graciously offered positive feedback and support from the very beginning and ongoing. Brittany believes the timing could not have been more perfect.

Speaking of perfect timing, last summer when Brittany was seeking quotes from electrical contractors, one of the pricier bids came from a man named Josh Mullins. She noticed some sort of split second vibe between the two of them and quickly realized they had a shared passion for music. Joshua stepped in and became affectionately known as “the real GC” to ensure Gypsy Rose opened as quickly as possible.

About 8 months later she and Josh were married and have recently returned from a fantastic (delayed) honeymoon in Belize. Josh has become instrumental in the day-to-day operations, believes whole-heartedly in Brittany’s vision for GR, and is ’all-in,’ as the venue’s co-owner.

Since Brittany knew the significance of opening the first true live music venue in Roswell (and locally owned!), she insisted on meticulous attention to detail with every decision during the build-out. Sound quality, parking, lighting, space planning, interior design - she knew everything mattered. And, she was determined to open more than just a spot to hear great music. Rather, she envisioned and built GR to offer authentic live music experiences to audiences and musicians alike; an eclectic space musicians would hang out after a show or stop by to support other musicians playing. Brittany says, “Music is magic, and musicians are magicians.”

Gypsy Rose looks quite comfy in their premium spot, backing up to east alley alongside Canton Street’s restaurant row. GR is open late from Wednesday evening through Sunday, hosting original live sets from local and regional artists who share the same goal to enrich the community through sound.

They have opened up choosing jam bands, as well as a variety of Funk, Indie, Americana, Blues, Southern Rock and Reggae sounds. Coming up in the line-up, they have Cosmic Charlie, Michael Tolcher, Wasted Potential, Michelle Malone, Brad Parsons, Jamie McLean, Urban Soil, Leah Calvert and the Electromatics. GR kicked off the first ALIVE in Roswell of 2019 with Wasted Potential Brass Band, who brought the New Orleans-style party to town, which was such a hit the band was invited back for the May 16 ‘ALIVE’ street party, too. Brittany was excited to tell us Gypsy Rose has lined up some great bands for the Roswell Live Music’fest June 27 - 30: The Orange Constant, Julie Gribble Band, Rhythm Earth, Adam Klein & the Wildfires and Georgia Soul Council.

With next-level entertainment, partnerships with food trucks and local restaurants to provide top notch food, a friendly crew and a full service bar, Gypsy Rose is set to soar. The mural on their brick facade captures the unique identity of the establishment– elevated, eclectic and charmingly psychedelic.

Brittany wants to say to our readers, “Whether you’re going out with friends, your significant other, work pals or just on a solo mission for the night, our lively, friendly atmosphere and good vibes guarantee you’ll have a memorable evening. Come visit us!”

Gypsy Rose - 964 Alpharetta Street, Roswell GA 30075, (678)226-1178
Hours: 7pm - 1am Wednesday & Thursday; 7pm - 2am Friday & Saturday; 12pm - 8pm Sunday.