It’s Freakin’ Good!


It’s Freakin’ Good!


Photos + Article by Frank Mack, Food & Culture Columnist

Peruvian-born chef and owner, Mikiel Arnold, opened his renowned food trailer and catering business in 2014, offering unique flavors of Peruvian food to the Atlanta area. Now, with two brick-and-mortar locations in Roswell & Tucker, his street food concept continues to appeal to modern taste buds.


OUT ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, on the westside, where Roswell ends, The Freakin Incan sits in the ‘Movie Tavern’ shopping center at 92/Sandy Plains. From the outside it's nondescript. You won’t find it, you’ll miss it, and we have to correct that here and now. Because it's fabulous, delicious and just what I look for. Out of this world savory.

To place it in your mind: find the theater, look to the left. There it is. That tiny little place, that's it. Go on in.

Mikiel Arnold the Chef/Owner, slave to a vision and genius behind it. Has been toiling along for two years. He has a location in Tucker, super popular, doing extremely well. His food truck is on hold for now. And he is fully invested in the new location here in Roswell. So wadda we got?

It's Peruvian. How do I know? He’s Peruvian! Born of an American dad and a Peruvian mother. Moved back to America as a kid. Mikiel correctly concluded American food, fast food, sucked. Where were the flavors, the cooking, the smells of home? There was only one cure. He would do it himself. And boy has he.

The food is marvelous! It's different, really different. It is exactly what foodies are looking for. Something new, fresh and exciting - slow cooked, big pots, hours and hours of time into everything you eat here.

Pictured is The Lomo Saltado with steak. As always the real dish, just made, as served. Look at that thing! When you dive into it I’ll bet we don’t see you until it's gone. The flavors are real, intense and just right. Three versions lead the menu. Chicken from Springer Mountain, beef from Buckhead Beef, veggies from the best locals. Excellent ingredients, true skills, real fire. Gives all of his guests the most satisfying meals followed by satisfaction-proof belly rubbing.


The ceviche, the DeCamaron is pictured on the opposite page, will flat knock your socks off. It is what ceviche should be. It's clean, fresh and big enough for three.

The grilled beef... Thats beef heart! Who does that? No one. Or a chef with guts who knows what he is doing. Because it's delicious, fantastic and if you don't tell the kids what it is, you’ll create fans. Tell them afterwards.

Last, but not least, the Chicha Morada. It's a purple corn based drink that they make themselves from a reduction of purple corn, pineapple and secrets. The ingredients cook for hours; and this traditional Peruvian process brings through an antioxidant that is wildly new and bursting with flavor. It’s both remarkable and wonderful. Try it!


Got your interest? Good. It's funky, fun and way worth the drive from anywhere in town. I liked it a lot. And although it's not my regular restaurant row hangout (Canton Street) that’s alright with me. Mikiel and his crew are here to stay in Roswell, creating raving regulars in its nondescript location. Get over there. Show some love to a chef doing it right. #FM

The Freakin’ Incan | 4651 Woodstock Rd /30075

(678) 587-5301 |