First Time Collector?

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The gracious art consultants at Vinings Gallery answered some of the more common questions they hear from new collectors:

What kind of art is appropriate for a first-time buyer?

When you are beginning to collect art, the first consideration is to select something that really speaks to you, a work that moves you and that you know you will love hanging in your living space and seeing on a daily basis. A unique limited edition, which can be hand-embellished by the artist and is always signed and numbered makes a great starting point for first-time collectors. These “giclée” reproductions are often more affordable than an original painting or drawing from the same artist.

Exactly what is a “giclée”?

Giclée is a French term that speaks to the printing process in which these reproductions are created. Most giclée prints are reproduced on canvas and hand embellished by the artist. The quality of this reproduction is almost perfectly accurate to the original painting. The affordability of a canvas giclée gives first-time collectors the opportunity to start a fine art collection.

Is the edition number of a giclée important?

The edition number is not important because each print carries the artist’s signature, which is considered to be his or her seal of approval. Thus, when you see a number that reads 100/250, that means it is the print numbered 100 in a total edition of 250. When the edition is complete, no additional prints will be created of that particular artwork.

Is there any truth that a lower edition number is better than a higher number?

Each giclée print in an edition is equally as valuable as its counterparts. Because of the advanced technology of the giclée process, each print is identical to the one previously produced. What makes them unique is the hand embellishment which an artist adds after the fact, giving the print texture, additional definition and highlights.

What makes some artwork more valuable and desirable than others, even when they’re done by the same artist?

The most important thing for any collector is to find the piece that they love. With that said, some factors to consider include: the artist may have developed an extraordinary new process; the artwork may represent a transition in the artist’s career; the demand for a specific piece may make it more valuable than others; or it may be part of a widely heralded series that is significant in the artist’s development.

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