Host a Holiday Charcuterie Potluck Gathering

How to Charcuterie

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CHARCUTERIE BOARDS ARE A BIG HIT AT ANY holiday party or gathering, but creating one takes some careful planning - it can be overwhelming and get pretty expensive if done right. Here, we break it down for you and let you know where to buy the goods in Marietta. And remember with charcuterie, presentation is key! So, be sure to vary colors, textures and tastes across your board.

To do this on a budget, make it a charcuterie potluck night! We suggest assigning a grouping of one or two items to each person/couple you invite to your social occasion. For example, ask one person to bring prosciutto, another to pick up the salami, another local artisan cheeses. Each guest can bring a bottle of wine that pairs well with the foods assigned. This makes for a creative, collaborative, simple and budget friendly casual get-together among friends or sisters.

Try this with the little ones! Involve the children in creating a mini-charcuterie board just for them. Kids will love this! Just grab some tiny meats, cheese, nuts, and their favorite crackers mixed with fresh fruits and veggies!

Buy local. Buy the best!

Roswell Provisions Market and Special Events at Le Bistro
955 Canton Street | (678) 682-8669 |
Owners Kelly Smith-Blacha and Lorry Kemp, longtime friends and Roswell residents opened Roswell Provisions to bring a true community gathering spot to the historic downtown area. The market’s European charcuterie features French delicacies such as saucisson, pate, blood sausage, lamb merguez sausage, boar sausage, and foie gras, as well as Italian meats like soppressata, salamis, prosciutto, and capicola.