Audrey Crabtree - Dancer


AUDREY CRABTREE holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree in Dance Performance from the School of American Dance and Arts Management at Oklahoma City University. Her work includes the theme park stages of Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Six Flags Magic Mountain dancing at Howl-O-Scream, Christmastown, Looney Tunes Kids Club, Fright Fest, and Holiday in the Park. Living in Los Angeles, Audrey performed with L.A. Unbound, the Speak Hill Dance Project, City Ballet of Los Angeles, Amaterasu Dance Company, and J Sutta in her music video Forever.

Audrey is now performing with Atlanta-based Fuerta Dance Company and SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company, and teaching at Atlanta Dance Central. She lives in Roswell with her husband Jake, 1 year old daughter Penelope, and their dog Emmy.

Audrey is a beautiful technician, and a captivating performer. Her ability to portray so many different characters and tell stories with her movement is absolutely breathtaking. What is maybe even more incredible is her ability to pass these wonderful qualities on to her students. She is an engaging, passionate, and empathetic teacher and person.