Parlez Vous Francais

Starting June 26, 2017This summer, have your kids voyage to France without leaving Roswell. AFATL.COM.

The Alliance Française in Roswell is the place for kids this summer. Give your children a classroom advantage by enrolling them in their French-immersion summer camp. No lectures are allowed here, only interactive measures of learning to keep them active en français. Their summer camps combine a playful atmosphere with structured activities that your children will love.

What makes this experience unique? All their teachers are native French speakers and highly specialized in early childhood education. Come visit their brand-new location at 9420 Willeo Road in Garrison Village!

Beginner? Pas de problème! Initiation to French program.

Kids learn to introduce and describe themselves, participate in cooking workshops, sports activities and learn about French-speaking world through music, arts and film.

Ages 7-12: June 26-30•Ages 7-12: July 17-21

Already initiated? Super! We offer immersion camps.

Kids expand their knowledge and gain confidence in French through interactive workshops using multimedia, cooking and music, in creative and relaxed setting.

Beginners [French I & III]: June 19-23 Advances [French III+]: July 10-14