4 Craft Breweries in Roswell


By Claire Murphy Join your neighbors on Saint Patrick’s Day for tours and tastings, food & music at Gate City Brewing Company in downtown Roswell. $25 gets you a tour, along with a souvenir pint glass and 6 complimentary beer samples, music by The Seven Sons and great food by Big C's Chicago Kitchen! Another great event benefitting the Child Development Association (CDA) Scholarship Fund, enabling the preschool children of low-income working families in our community to make a great start toward a bright future.”

Speaking of craft breweries, Roswell is becoming a BOOM TOWN. We've got FOUR craft breweries open or about to open within our boundaries:

GATE CITY BREWING COMPANY 43 Magnolia Street•(678) 404-0960 Gate City Brewing Company was founded in 2013. Gate City’s name derives from Atlanta, Georgia’s nickname, the “Gate City.” In the 1800s, prior to the Civil War, Atlanta was the center of commerce in the south. Once known as Terminus, Atlanta served as a hub for railroads heading north, to the port of Savannah, south, and ultimately west. Atlanta branded itself as the “Gate” to the South, hence the name “Gate City.” The logo—the phoenix rising—is a testament to the grit, perseverance and sheer will of the city and region alike. At Gate City they strive to brew beers that embody the very same independent spirit that inspired them to chase our dreams of opening Roswell’s first craft brewery.

FROM THE EARTH BREWING COMPANY 1570 Holcomb Bridge Road• (404) 583-9519 Tim Stevens has designed, developed and opened multiple restaurants in the past 15 years. He is currently finalizing plans to open the first true Farm-To-Table Brewpub outside the Atlanta perimeter. Through relationships already formed with farmers from his past experience, this neighborhood gathering place will offer the freshest product available. Their mission is to provide their guests with a world-class dining experience in a casual environment. Craft Beer, Cocktails and Farm-to-table cuisine, From the Earth Brewing Company will be open late Summer 2017. tim@fromtheearthbrewingco.com.

VARIANT BREWING Off Canton Street, downtown Roswell•matt@drinkvariant.com Variant is in the early planning stages, with a mid 2017 opening date. Matt Curling, Variant’s owner and Brewmaster says the focus “…will be on variety rather than quantity so the smaller fermenters will allow us to explore some more experimental recipes.” The brewery will be located in Roswell very near to the Canton Street scene. They’ve acquired a 3,600 square feet building where most of the space will be dedicated to their brewhouse. Initially Variant will start with a 7-barrel system with a couple 7-barrel fermenters and brite tank as well as a couple 3.5-barrel fermenters and a brite tank. Curling continues, “Our goal is to push the limits of craft beer by modifying traditional recipes and experimenting with various adjuncts, unique grain bills, hop schedules and yeasts to create a wide variety of unique drinking experiences.” Find them on Facebook to following construction progress.

ABBEY OF THE HOLY GOATS 4000 Northfield Way•(470) 282-1444 Abbey of the Holy Goats is a small-scale craft brewery. The first female-owned Brewery in Georgia, founder Kathy Davis decided either to start a goat farm in some remote wilderness or pursue her passion of producing her award-winning Belgian-style beers for the public. The brewery won out, and Abbey of the Holy Goats was born. The Abbey produces innovative Belgian-style beers designed for perfect food pairing. Davis said the name, Abbey of the Holy Goats, encompasses many of her interests in life. “The name comes from my interest in abbeys as far as living in them, and the beer styles, and the goats come from my love of goats. And, of course, it’s also a play on the words ‘holy ghost.’ The monastic lifestyle is still something that really interests me. No matter what religion you follow, it’s always a wonderful thing to endeavor towards.”