Healthy Goals in 2017


BY SHANNON GOWLAND, ROSWELL FARMERS MARKET It is that time of year again! We look forward to the freshness and possibilities that 2017 holds. Too many feel change should come with the calendar. Hoping to feel better, be better, do better but is this the time to make change.

We are still in winter and should be going inward and being introspective as this is the season for rest and reflection. Therefore resolutions can be made but change and growth should wait until spring. This allows us time to nourish and develop the seed we plant in Winter. Spending the winter months preparing and planning for successful resolutions to come to fruition and last. During the process of finding your resolution you must first find the imbalance.

Being Mindful of where you are today and areas in which you need or want to restore balance. Evaluate the areas of your life, family, career, health, spirituality, to name a few. Consider your satisfaction or happiness in each area. Seek out that which is negative, to reduce, and that which is positive, to strengthen. Find your confidence and courage. Don't be anxious to implement change so fast. Take the time to develop a resolution that is clear and staged. Do not take on too much growth at once. Focus on one or two areas that are the most out of balance or will have the greatest impact on your health and happiness.

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult and frustrating at times. Break your resolution(s) into smaller goals and assign a time frame to ensure success. Take notes as you work towards each goal being mindful of what is working and what is still causing struggle. Stay mindful of all positive changes you are making throughout 2017. Making a resolution is not only about goals but a lifestyle change. Making changes to turn over a new leaf or start fresh requires permanent changes.

December thru March is the perfect time to develop your goals for the new year. When the plan and goals are clear, set, and simple you begin your time of reflection, introspection, and review. Nourishing your intentions for the year ahead. Spring will be the time you start seeing the growth and change you started.

In an effort to stay successful make sure you have a close support group. Let your inner circle in on your intentions for the new year. Rely on them during difficult times. Reach out and let them help keep you on your path. Step by step you will reach your goals. Making a New Year resolution is usually not easy or quick. It takes time and dedication to reach the end goal. So as we enter into 2017 take a holistic approach to your resolution and look at everything that impacts you as a whole.

Set an obtainable goal that is just right for you to obtain the New You in the New Year. See your strengths as tools to reach your goal.