1920 Tavern's New Owners


CANTON STREET WONDERFULLY preserves Roswell’s historic appearance and the 1920 Tavern continues to keep the spirit of tradition alive. Happily married owners Howard and Jenna Aronowitz breathed new life into the old tavern in the hopes of providing fresh food made from scratch. While deciding to keep the original title intact, it manages to be both accurate yet contradictory. On the one hand the building did open in the 1920s and the chosen interior reflects the overall style of the period. On the other hand it is billed as a “tavern” but serves the upper-scale food expected of a fine dining restaurant. Priding themselves on creating familial relationships with regular customers, the Aronowitzes consider anyone who walks through their doors to be family.

Because of Canton’s resemblance to their former homeland of South Africa, they have adopted Canton as their own with the tavern serving as a second home. The Aronowitz passion for the food industry spans over 15 years and remains at the center of the tavern since its opening just over a year ago.

This friendly environment possesses an interior influenced by those of the “speakeasy” style of the early 1920s which include walls lined with antique mirrors, crystal accents and globe lighting. The tavern’s dark brown wood and leather banquettes help elegantly encapsulate an earlier time. Popular dishes include the smoked chicken and fresh fish fillets. The cordial staff and quality ingredients complement one another to ensure an exceptional dining experience.

If you are hoping to celebrate Roswell’s historic past with a fine dining establishment that goes above and beyond, then look no further. The 1920 Tavern is located on 948 Canton St. and is open from 11am-10pm Sunday through Thursday and 11am-11pm every Friday and Saturday. For a menu, call (770) 998-3114 or visit 1920tavern.com.