Tai Anderson Talks Roswell


By Jordana Klein From a Roswell High School graduate to the business world and back to Roswell, Tai Anderson has developed his brand on a national platform. But he never once considered cutting his ties to Roswell. His brand, TaiSpeak, originated from his involvement with the four-time Grammy winning band, Third Day. Known as “the business guy” among his bandmates, Tai found his passions for all things business and went on to pursue a career in the world of marketing. From this avenue, he engaged in blogging and realized he enjoyed not only public speaking, but also writing. Now, his involvement in Roswell incorporates all of the above, and he’s aiming to reach the great city of Roswell through TaiSpeak.

After recognizing his passion for blogging, Tai tested out his skills following the high school football state championships, in which both the Roswell Hornets and the Blessed Trinity Titans competed for their respective divisions. Seeing the Roswell community in a sea of green at the Georgia Dome cheering on their students created such a sense of unity that he blogged about how to keep that same spirit alive in the city. From this post onward, Tai earned recognition for his blog and continued to stay deeply involved with his writing and Roswell.

As his blog took off, Tai engaged in broadcasting podcasts as a way to reach the community, along with his other involvements. His podcasts have since grown into two divisions, CeoSpeak and TaiSpeak. Each series caters to its own audience and continues to attract listeners of all backgrounds. Beginning with TaiSpeak, he met with interesting people in the community and invited them onto his podcast. Discussions with figures such as the Police Chief of Roswell after the fatal shootings in Dallas truly engaged the public who yearned for more. He targets local issues in local cities becauses he does not Roswell to be the next big news story.

“Our community is not divided. I don’t feel that division here like the news discusses, and I want to make sure we keep it that way,” Tai said.

As a blogger, a businessman, a podcast advocate, and a football dad, Tai began to recognize a tie between all of his passions. While watching his three sons compete on their age-specific youth football teams in Roswell Park, he recognized that, perhaps, football could be one avenue that truly brings the community together on every level. He chose to become involved in other ways than spectating by becoming a member of the Board for Roswell Park. Tai centers so much of his life around the park and football that he now announces Saturday games for youth football and is also on the Youth Football and Cheer Board working on player safety.

As the announcer, Tai does more than just bluntly describe the play-by-plays. He makes it enjoyable and engaging for the crowd, so much so that he even introduces a healthy dose of sarcasm. With remarks about creating a fun environment for the kids, letting the coaches coach, and not focusing so much on the score but about the atmosphere, Tai has created a new sense of perspective to football in the park. He believes we’re all neighbors in a beautiful city enjoying sports with our kids, and he wants that to be outwardly portrayed.

“I don’t want the division that’s so talked about today to come to Roswell, and I believe youth sports could be that catalyst,” Tai said.

As he keeps up with his blogging, announcing and involvement, Tai is also the president of the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy for the Grammys, working to give back to music and growing the industry in the state by hopefully bringing a musical expansion to the city of Roswell. He’s also now working more on his CeoSpeak podcast, as he realizes his neighbors are making a world impact straight out of Roswell. He discusses how CEO’s want to tell their stories in other ways than just through numbers on a spreadsheet, so he’s giving them just the way to do so.

“We have so much potential in Roswell, including the schools, the parks, and the people, and we need to grow them smartly,” Tai said. “I believe we can be one of the best places to live in the country.”