Johnny's Pizza Opens in Roswell


By Daniel Dailey Let me introduce myself, my name is Daniel Dailey. We are proud to have opened a restaurant in Roswell. We have created 12 full time jobs and 8 part time jobs.

In 11th grade I started with the Towne Lake/Woodstock Johnny's Pizza in August of 1998 as a dishwasher making $6.00/hour. I felt at home right away, by early 1999 I was cooking. I quickly earned the respect of my peers and the franchise owners. I worked my way into management over my peers, gaining to trust of the franchise ownership. In 2003 I graduated college and the franchise owners opened a second location and I was promoted again. Earning a salaried management position.

My work ethic, reliability and the trust I earned paid huge dividends in 2007. The two franchise owners were brothers and they decided to their partnership was no longer working. I was offered a chance to buy one of the two brothers out. Feb of 2007 I bought 45% of a two restaurant corporation operating two Johnny's Pizza franchises. With savings, credit card loans, several personal loans and a little help, I raised $170,000 to buy into a successful partnership.

I found success operating the Towne Lake/Woodstock location while my partner struggled operating the Hiram location. In 2012 I convinced my partner to sell the Hiram location and focus our labor and resources on the Towne Lake/Woodstock location. In Feb of 2013 we relocated the Towne Lake/Woodstock and found instant success. We increased our staff, size, seating capacity and added a full bar. Sales increased from $860,000 to $1,200,000 the first year. With both partners focusing on one store, we were able to focus on service and kitchen efficiency. In 2015 I saw business practices and sales trends affecting my hard work. Unable to find middle ground with my partner I sold my 45% ownership back to him and found a huge payday at $314,000.

With dreams of owning my very own franchise I started looking from Woodstock to South Carolina.

I finally settled in Roswell. I hope I found a great location. I wanted to design and help build everything. With the help of my wife, father in-law and cousin; we built just about everything in the store. Including an amazing covered patio structure.

We opened in July and things are going well. I can't wait to move to this area and become a citizen of Roswell.

Daniel Dailey and Carla Dailey Owners/Operators 550 W Crossville Road Suite 102 Roswell, Ga 30075