Art Infused with the Lord

By Jordana Klein ART OF LIVING STUDIOS CONTINUE to change lives, one paint stroke, pottery piece and jewelry creation at a time. Created with the Lord’s power to heal in mind, Patricia Reeves, founder of Art of Living Studios, comprehends the immense influence that the arts have on one’s immune system. Reeves yearned for a physical plan for her healing when she found the Lord calling her to the arts. Art of Living Studios is a culmination of the arts and an equipping center for artists and individuals to find that sense of community they may be lacking while glorifying God in the process.

By pouring unconditional love to individuals that need a place to belong, Reeves and her team of four other resident artists offer sessions titled “Create with the Creator,” which take place in the shelter of her own home. Although the Lord led Reeves to found this organization in 1994, the studio is a non-profit as opposed to a religious organization; visitors and workers of all denominations participate.

The Community of Hope, a main sponsor for the studio, offers 250 acres of outdoor grounds of fishing, camping and hiking areas where groups can come together to “facilitate God’s glory through the arts and nature,” Reeves said.

Although separate ministries, they have the same mission in mind, which is to provide an atmosphere where one’s diagnosis is left outside the door. The studio and the outdoor spaces facilitate worshipping while working, Reeves said.


With donations and the support of the community, Art of Living Studios also funds “Van Go” vehicles. With this mobile ministry, the studios can cater to nursing homes and “serve soul food through the arts,” the mission of the organization. Primarily serving Cherokee County, the studio focuses on their own neighborhood and allow others to use the facility as a model to expand. The majority of their work is geared towards small groups by invitation only, but they will travel for teaching purposes. The mindset behind Art of Living Studios enables visitors to find out how to participate in their own recovery and relax in a soothing environment where anyone can benefit from a therapeutic, glorifying relationship with the Lord and the arts. JK