Roswell Historical Society


In 1838, the majority of the Cherokees (approximately 12k) were forced onto the “Trail of Tears.” Only about 8K made it to their new Cherokee Nation—what is now called Tahlequah, Oklahoma. After being imprisoned for several months in the stockades, many of the Cherokees died or became ill from disease, exposure and malnutrition. The prior Cherokee Nation in Georgia was the land northwest of the Chattahoochee River, including the land that is now Roswell. The land was given away in the 1832 Land Lottery.

In 2013 – 2014, the 175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears, Roswell decided it was time to ensure the Cherokee history was not lost. On July 19, 2014, the City of Roswell officially dedicated the Roswell Cherokee Memorial, stating,

“To honor those who came before us…Roswell honors the Cherokee who called this place their home.”

This is inscribed on one of the eight boulders that are situated along the Chattahoochee River at Riverside Park in Roswell, which tell the Cherokee story.

Please visit the Roswell Cherokee Memoria at Riverside Park, 575 Riverside Drive, in Roswell.

This is a Roswell Historical Society Project, and plaques were written by Cindi Crane and donated by many supporters in the Roswell community.

The Roswell Historical Society, established in 1971 is Roswell’s oldest historic preservation organization. Over the last 40 years, the Society has amassed considerable holdings of historically significant materials and artifacts which are recorded and preserved at the Research Library and Archives---and often displayed around Roswell. The Society and library is located on the second floor of the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.

The mission of the Society is to collect, preserve, share and promote the history of Roswell. Their vision strives to tell the story of the entire community and is committed to locating a permanent and visible facility to house and exhibit the vast collection from the past to tell that story.

Membership is open to everyone. The following represents the current Board:

President: Cecilia Fly Vice President, Membership: Juliette Johnson

Vice President, Public Relations: Rick Dreger

Treasurer: Kevin Bamford

Recording Secretary: Wanda Patterson

Cemetery Chair: Janet Johnson

Historic Hembree Farm Site Chair: Judy Meer

Historic Tours: Lisa Simpson

Preservation Awards/Markers: Pat Tatum Miller

Decorative Arts Curator: Sherron Lawson