Happy Father's Day Roswell


Roswell pre-schoolers answer questions about their dads. Fathers Day is June 19th WHERE DOES YOUR DAD WORK? CONNOR: he works in the basement VERONICA: at home CLAYTON: in Roswell at the office MAGGIE: at home BRIAN: in the yard HALEIGH: at his office

HOW OLD IS YOUR DAD? CONNOR: um. 19 VERONICA: my dad is 50 CLAYTON: i think my dad is 34 MAGGIE: he is older than my mom BRIAN: let me think about this a minute HALEIGH: 40

WHAT’S HIS FAVORITE FOOD? CONNOR: shrimp, candy VERONICA: my dad likes steak CLAYTON: mashed potatoes MAGGIE: steak and cheseburgers BRIAN: he likes everything HALEIGH: pizza and grapes

WHAT DOES HE LIKE TO DO? CONNOR: he likes to come home VERONICA: my dad likes to play with me CLAYTON: i think my dad likes watching tv MAGGIE: he likes to play golf BRIAN: go out to eat HALEIGH: eat dinner and play with me

WHAT IS HIS FAVORITE SPORT? CONNOR: golf and football VERONICA: football CLAYTON: he likes watching me play MAGGIE: golf and football BRIAN: football HALEIGH: baseball

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR DAD? CONNOR: um. everything VERONICA: my dad is funny CLAYTON: he plays with me outside MAGGIE: he takes me to school BRIAN: my dad is the greatest HALEIGH: his hands and maybe his hair?