Area 13.1/Terrestrial 5K in Roswell


Area 13.1/ Terrestrial 5KAugust 13th , 2016 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Proceeds from the AREA 13.1/Terrestrial 5K races support the Matthew E. Russell Foundation and Life Connection Ministries which provide help to the people of South Africa through education, feeding programs, educational libraries and much more. The Matthew E. Russell Foundation was created to honor the life of Matthew E. Russell and to continue to carry his legacy of the giving lifestyle. Matthew E. Russell was an incredible man with a big heart for the people of South Africa. Life Connection Ministries understands the diversity of needs in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. They have witnessed first-hand the rampant spread of AIDS/HIV, lack of clean water, hunger and increased unemployment. They have drilled several wells to provide fresh water, erected community greenhouses that provide thousands of vegetable plants and constructed classrooms for at-risk children and orphans.