Grit Chips at The Roswell Tap


It started as a bar snack at The Roswell Tap, but everything changed when comedian Jeff Foxworthy took a bite of his first Grit Chip. "As soon as I tasted it, I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh, this is great.' I need to tell the word it's great," Foxworthy told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

Sean McDonough, the owner of The Roswell Tap, met Foxworthy last year and invited him to do a taste test. Now Foxworthy refers to McDonough as his "Yankee buddy. "It's been a dream. It was a chance meeting. It was a gift.” McDonough said.

Now they're a team, turning bar food into a brand called Jeff Foxworthy's Southern Creations with four flavors of Grit Chips now in stores.

"People ask me to describe it. It's kind of between a Tostito and a Frito. Very thin, very crispy. It's just different."

There are more creations to come, including dips like barbecue humus and one made with collard greens and smoked bacon.

Foxworthy said Grit Chips are one more thing to love about the South, but he's hoping they have wide appeal.

"Is it a Southern thing? Yeah. But is it a Southern thing? No," Foxworthy said. "It's kind of like the Redneck jokes. When I first came up with them I thought we had exclusive rights to Rednecks. Then I traveled the country and went, 'Oh, my gosh, they're everywhere.' Hopefully it's the same thing with the Grit Chip.”

Grit Chips will hit the national stage by sponsoring the Great Clips Grit Chips 300 at Atlanta MotorSpeedway in Hampton.

You can find Grit Chips at Atlanta-area Kroger stores and Cracker Barrel Restaurants.

“I am excited to be a part of this,” said Foxworthy, who is a resident of North Fulton County. “If there was any kind of food I’d put my name on it would be a grit chip.”  Foxworthy opened his speech with a story about how his career was based on ideas and successes that no one saw coming,” saying Grit Chips are a great idea

Grit Chips are similar to tortilla chips with a grittier texture and taste making them a very unique and tasty salty snack. During the official chip designation event, Mayor Jere Wood said the chips were the “Greatest invention since apple pie,” and called Foxworthy the “perfect spokesman for the product line.”

After going through food science and manufacturing analysis, The Roswell Food Group selected an 80 year family-owned chip manufacturer to produce four flavors of chips. They are served at The Roswell Tap and marketed through national grocery and club store chains, through exclusive promotions with sports and entertainment companies and launched at Six Flags 45th Anniversary celebration last year.

“The product development has been completed; and our manufacturing partners are the best in the business. Now it’s time to choose the right distribution partners and bring Jeff Foxworthy’s original Girt Chips to the rest of the world,” McDonough said.

About the Roswell Tap

Understanding the need for a relaxing, neighborhood destination in beautiful historic Roswell, The Roswell Tap founders focused on the space first beginning in late summer of 2010.

Founders Sean McDonough and Michael Rozmajzl along with partner Ron Harvey, have worked to assemble the right team of shareholders, vendors, builders, and specialists to make The Tap a unique and pleasurable experience from the moment you enter until you leave.

About the Roswell Food Group

The RFG was started like a lot of companies. One night a group of like-minded friends were sitting around the table enjoying a few adult beverages, swapping stories about some of the great foods they enjoy. One of them, a restaurant owner, got to wondering how this group could introduce some of these great tastes to the rest of the world, and presto! The stars aligned. The heavens and Earth began to move. And soon the little group of friends had a really big idea. Start a breakthrough new food group with just one goal in mind:

Find, incubate, and bring to market the most exciting, freshest tasting snacks, sundries and food products so folks can enjoy these great tastes - and good times - with their families and loved ones.

Sounded simple. So they put together a dream team of industry, sales and marketing professionals and we hit the ground running with one of the products they talked about on that very first night around the table.