Backyard Campout at Chattahoochee Nature Center


Chattahoochee Nature Center is putting on The Backyard Campout on Saturday, November 21, 2016 to Sunday, November 22, 2016 from 5 pm to 10 am. Close to home, you can come take advantage of Chattahoochee’s great natural scenes, and take pictures with their non-releasable animals on their wildlife walk. On the Backyard Campout, of course there is a bonfire so you can roast marshmallows and a 127-acre paradise for you to appreciate. So bring a picnic and camping gear, and get ready to have some good ole fun! This family fun event is $50 for the general public families and for the Chattahoochee Nature Center members, $35. (Price per tent); Registration Required by November 18th. Where is the backyard campout? On the meadow at Chattahoochee Nature Center

What animals are on the campout? Rehabilitated raptor (bird) or bird of prey (birds that hunt and feed on other animals), possum, turtle, and/or snake


Is the campout an annual event? More frequently than annually, “These family campout are very popular for people who want to try camping in a safe circumstance and learn something at the same time. It’s a beginning campout for some people, we create the ambiance for it, and it’s exciting especially for young children who have never done it before.”


What would you say is the biggest challenge to putting on the backyard campout? Weather, “People enjoy camping in good weather, you can’t always predict what their experience will be like. Be prepared as the scout’s would say.”


What is the most enjoyable about the backyard campout? “The excitement and mystery about being in a different place, outside, with families actually having a chance to be together. We live in houses that have separate bed rooms, and in a tent they’re all sleeping in the same huddle, together. That’s an experience that’s quite fun for children, there’s a real mystery to it, excitement at the same time, it’s an adventure! You can’t turn on the TV, you have to tell a story, engage with each other in some way.”


What comments have you gotten about the previous backyard campout? “For a lot of these families, these [Campouts] start a journey into camping. Camping’s very affordable so it makes for family time outside, and so what we hear from people is, ‘Oh I’m so glad we did this with our children we weren’t sure if they were ready and now we know they can!’”


“Taking children into nature is very important, because we learn a lot from the outdoors, we’ve been detached from that. Camping is a simple method of getting people re-attached to the world, and the outdoors!, said Lynn McIntyre, Public Relation Specialist.


For quickest registration, You may also email Chattahoochee Nature Centers scheduling department or call 770-992-2055 x237.

Nov 21, 2015 (Sat) 5:00 pm -- 10:00 pm