Content Marketing

Sometimes clients are looking for something a little more unconventional to mix into a traditional advertising campaign with us.

Content Marketing is the anti-advertorial. Typically we only think of content marketing as an online marketing option. However, Roswell Magazine offers this great marketing option for your business in print! The ironic thing our clients have told us they’re amazed at how many “shares” and “comments” and “likes” and “engagement” they received when they posted their published editorial on their social media accounts and websites - more than they have ever gotten by sharing a link or an online article written about them.

In print, content marketing involves interesting and compelling editorial accompanied by big, beautiful images, which make great sales and sharing collateral for your business. Our annual advertisers receive a framed copy of their article.

Our rates for this type of marketing is $500 per page. (minimum 2 pages, maximum 6 pages) Additional fees would include +$75 to hire a writer specialized in this type of editorial writing and + $125 if you do not have professional quality, high resolution images to include.. Below you will find examples of content marketing editorial features.

Cover Story: The Big Ketch - July/August 2018

Cover + 4 pages

RM July.Aug..jpg
RM July.Aug.10.jpg
RM July.Aug.11.jpg
RM July.Aug.12.jpg

Hillandale Homes - Patrick Malloy Communities
July / August 2018

1 page ‘editori-ad’ + 1 full page ad

Roswell Inc - Summer Sippin’
July / August 2018

2 page ‘editori-ad’

RM July.Aug.32.jpg
RM July.Aug.33.jpg
RM July.Aug.14.jpg
RM July.Aug.15.jpg

Chattahoochee Nature Center - Harvest on the Hooch
September / October 2018

2 page ‘editori-ad’


Vinings Gallery on Elizabeth Way and Canton Street
September / October 2018

Cover Story ++


LIVE in Roswell - Roswell Cultural Arts Center performance series
September / October 2018

2 page ‘editori-ad’

Canton Place Development - new boutique hotel
September / October 2018

1+ page ‘editori-ad’


Vickers Residences - Luxury Apartments on Canton Street
Winter 2018 - 2019

2 page spread editori-ad

vickers p68.png

PURE Taqueria - Roswell
November / December 2018

4 page ‘editori-ad’

RM Holiday Issue37.png
RM Holiday Issue38.png
RM Holiday Issue39.png
RM Holiday Issue40.png