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Leverage our strategic distribution strategy.

reach those who intentionally #shoplocal


No other publication is devoted exclusively covering Roswell.



Direct Mail - Printed copies direct mailed to RM print subscribers, VIP list (government officials, volunteer organizations boards, nonprofits), and 900 local business owners
Around Town - Professional offices - salons / spas - 100+ restaurants and retailers and advertisers
High Volume rack sites in popular coffee shops and gathering areas.
Community-wide festivals and events - Roswell’s Wine Festival, Beer Festival, Azalea Festival, Butterfly Festival, Arts Festival, Roswell Music Festival, 10U40 Awards Celebration, Food Truck Fridays, Alive in Roswell, Riverside Sounds & Music on the Hill, LIVE in Roswell series at Roswell Cultural Arts Center, Mimosa Festival and many more.
Newcomers & Visitors - every newcomer receives a copy at the Roswell Welcome Center.
Roswell Cultural Arts Center - restocked rack site for local performances "
Hotels - every room at select hotels in Roswell
Roswell City Hall - we’ve been told RM is the favorite of the publications distributed :-)
Digital Subscribers - Online & Social Media

Our Readers

Let's face it. Not everybody cares about what's happening locally. Those of us who do #lovelocal, are supportive of the community, care about local issues, have children in Roswell schools or own local businesses are the readers most likely to support our advertisers. 

Over the years, we have developed a distribution formula which is anecdotally proven to deliberately distribute RM only to those who care about living local. Our print subscribers choose to receive the magazine issue, so we are always looking to expand our subscriber base.

We’re not big enough to commission an official study, but anecdotally we can confidently say our readers are:

  • Women with children in local schools

  • Men and women who own local businesses

  • Men and women actively involved in local civic and philanthropic organizations and initiatives

  • Local arts, music, dining and recreation enthusiasts can connect well with our editorial coverage


Ad Design Specifications:
TRIM SIZE: 6.6875”wide X 9.5”tall
LIVE MATERIAL no closer than 1/4” away from trim

Full Page (non-bleed)- 6” wide X 9” tall
Full Page (bleed) - 6.85” wide X 9.75” tall
2/3 Page - 6” wide X 6” tall
1/2 Page - 6” wide X 4.25” tall
1/4 Page - 2.75” wide X 4.25” tall (vertical)
1/6 Page (special sections)- 6” wide X 1.75” tall (horizontal)

Our rates range from $300 to $1800 for display advertising (Media Kit) and we also have custom rates for businesses interested in ‘content marketing.’ Content marketing is the print version of the online practice of writing interesting and informative articles for our readers which also talk about a specific business in context with the subject matter. These are not you grandmother’s ‘advertorials.’ These are interesting, engaging, optimistic and designed into beautiful spreads. Click here for examples of what we call the “anti-advertorial.”

Contact Regina about partnership options with Roswell Magazine.

Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.”
— Robert Rose

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