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This is us.


Regina Barkley

Publisher, Editorial Director

I am a creative entrepreneur and accidental salesperson with 25 years of experience working with small, local business owners to help them connect with local customers through appropriate advertising mediums.

I grew up in Alpharetta, ninth out of 11 children in a family of athletes, doctors, lawyers, artists, teachers and entrepreneurs. I attended St Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta and the University of Georgia in Athens, earning a Journalism degree, specializing in magazines and psychology. My career has included local advertising and marketing Atlanta Bride, and Modern Bride - Atlanta, as well as media sales for local placement in Glamour, Allure, Vogue and Bon Appetit. Email Regina.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Investor, Advisor, Mentor

Chris began his entrepreneurial career as a photographer shooting all types of commercial work in Atlanta in the early 90’s before moving into the technology industry. While growing a few technology related companies over the past 15 years Chris has learned a great deal about the importance of marketing and advertising, including the critical role each plays in building a successful business. Chris is fascinated by hyper-local advertising and the evolution of printed media as it connects to web, social and mobile. He sees a bright future for the role an integrated approach to local marketing plays in the life of a business or organization. Email Chris.

Nicole Shea, Associate Publisher

Nicole Shea, Associate Publisher

Nicole Shea

Associate Publisher

Nicole holds a Masters in Literacy, and comes from a background of teaching writing for 11 years.  She discovered her passion for writing when she participated in the National Writing Project.  Nicole is new to the magazine industry, but is eager to help the LLP brand launch and grow in her hometown, Marietta. Email Nicole.


Peyton Callahan, Marketing Manager

Peyton Callahan

Marketing Manager

Peyton joined LLP in late 2018 to assist with a multitude of marketing tasks including reorganizing and systemizing a marketing department from scratch! She coordinates event sponsorships and participation, social media special projects and keeps all of our websites updated. Welcome Peyton! Email Peyton.


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Give Back.

We live here, too; and we admire the individuals who work tirelessly for local nonprofit organizations that directly help the underprivileged or underserved right here at home. When we asked ourselves how we can best be of service, we concluded it was by doing what we do best — give back our specific gifts of graphic design, advertising, marketing, social promotion and writing content. We help by writing about them online and in print, sponsoring and promoting their fundraising events, complimentary advertising campaigns and extensive free social promotion. We support the following nonprofits:

Gigi’s Playhouse - Roswell
InCommunity Roswell
Star House Foundation
Childrens Development Academy
Children’s Charities 
The Voila Foundation
The Drake House
North Fulton Community Charities

The Basics

Our publications are designed to be different, disruptive in a hyper-local media industry that produces predictable publications in predictable formats. Our parent company, Local Life Publishing was born in 2013 from the desire to think outside this box. We started with size, asking ourselves, "Who decided every magazine should be full-size 8.5" X 11?" Our brand as a resource for small to medium-sized towns naturally called for a small to medium sized format - 7" X 9.5". Our odd size, matte 80# paper with soft-touch coating, flat spine, 60/40 editorial-to-advertising ratio, influential hyper-local editorial and classic / simple design elements produce stand-out publications.

Our policy is to write every piece from a faithfully local perspective, with depth. We’re a team of local writers, designers, photographers, marketers and salespersons who live, work, shop, eat, play, give and pray locally. We persuasively encourage our fans to think locally first, too.

We produce our magazines for three target audiences:

Our readers live and love living locally. That means they physically live in here, of course; but they also are the ones who deliberately shop, eat, play, pray and give in an intentionally local way. It's important to them they give their time and support to the restaurants, business owners and organizations in their own communities. We only write only about local topics, which wouldn’t be covered in regional media - and we elevate our content by avoiding local news and avoiding narrowed neighborhood level information. In our pages, readers find Cultural Arts, History, Recreation & Leisure, Philanthropy and Community-wide Events.

We offer marketing and advertising opportunities which connect and engage small businesses to their closest customers, geographically speaking. We’ve created a business model which makes it easy and even affordable for small, local businesses to advertise in a high-quality, brand-confirming medium on a consistent basis, offering smaller ad options for sole proprietors and smaller businesses.

We rally around everything local; and believe strongly in the power of CONNECTION between each other. We write a lot about gathering downtown —passionately encouraging committed community living, shopping, eating, working, playing and giving. Reading a print magazine is one of life’s little luxuries. See how connected you can feel to your community when disconnected from wifi.

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Worldwide, print readers value both editorial and advertising as sources of information. Our writers aim for depth of content and imagery with every issue in both our sponsored and organic editorial. We cringe at the idea of the ‘traditional’ advertorial (yuck!). And we are bored when we receive ‘traditional’ press releases (eye roll). We politely demand a little more - requiring content that is more interesting than you’d traditionally find in predictable local magazines - that means we write a lot about people.

Writers and PR professionals would be wise to first read our Writer's Guidelines before submitting content to us. We offer “content marketing” opportunities for local businesses with something interesting to say and can provide big, beautiful professional images. These pieces have become reader and client favorites! Nothing is “shared'“ more on social media than a big beautiful article in a PRINT magazine. It’s easy to get written about online. But when your customers see you’ve been written about in PRINT, they always take a second look

 Writers’ Guidelines

FREELANCERS - Assigned Content

Word Count
We are very strict with our word count limits. Any article submitted that exceeds our assigned (freelancers) word limits will be sent back to the writer for editing. Pay scale: <400 words $50; <650 words $75; 651+ words (rare) $100. Writers are paid upon publication, mailed a check and a copy of the magazine.


  • word, pages (mac), or simply put the article in the body of an email - no pdfs

  • basic font, no indentions, no layout suggestions 

  • pre-edit your work for grammar, person, voice, typos, spelling and accuracy - or we will kick it back.

  • our Editor can and usually will edit your work and will not send back to you for ‘approval’ of the changes — if this is not ok with you, then please do not submit your work to us.  

PR PROFESSIONALS - Unassigned Content

  • no payment to writers for unassigned content.

  • do not pitch story ‘ideas’ to us. If it’s a good enough idea, then write it and submit it. 

  • never submit an unassigned article or press release to us that is over 500 words.

  • do not call us - email all articles to We review every submission and will email you back only if we have questions.

  • TIPS: If you include professional, beautiful photos you have a much higher probability of success, and if your press release is interesting (rather than simply who, what, where, when, how) you have a much higher probability of success with us. Show us the ‘WHY’ in your piece, and you’ll grab our attention.

Please note: Subject Matter

  • Local - we actually have to mention this one. Our definition of local is that the subject matter takes place in, lives in, works in or happens in the town of the title of the magazine. 

  • Non-promotional - do not send us a story primarily focused  a ribbon cutting, grand opening, good deed or how great a local business, organization or event is. If you can work a little praise/promotion subtly into a more diverse and interesting piece, no problem. However, our readers don’t like puff pieces. Promotional content is reserved for advertising, where it belongs - and where readers expect it to be.

Submit articles to


Reach Out. 

Our people are out in the town listening and interacting with our friends, neighbors and organizations. Our offices are coffee shops and libraries.

Fill out this form to contact Roswell Magazine.

Also use this form for inquiring about PRESS PASSES for our special events.

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